No-touch Hand Sanitizer Machine is the last version of disinfection machine. The device not only allows you to disinfect your hands quickly and reliably, but also can be used as an effective advertising platform.

Also a very important part of the innovative creation of Logic Develop is the application, with which you can control the no-touch hand sanitizer machine at any time and from anywhere on the map. All you need to have is your phone and internet.

Logic Develop created easy conditions for the creation of advertising to make it simple and a fast process that did not require special skills or an additional advertising agent.

So how do you create ads on the no-touch hand sanitizer machine?

The disinfection machine supports all kinds of media file formats. You just need to create your advertising file, menu, instructions, etc., upload the file through the application and then select the broadcast time and other technical options.

In a very short time your file will already be seen on the screens of the devices.

As the no-touch hand sanitizer machine has a sensor that counts the number of people who disinfected their hands, you can easily understand how many people also saw your commercial, which is an important tool for measuring the effectiveness of advertising.

Logic Develop offers the use of advertising space on the device even without the purchase of their machines. For the latest marketing offers, please contact the Logic Develop team.

Why is the use of the no-touch hand sanitizer machine really effective for advertising?

In the current pandemic environment, disinfection points have become very much in demand. And also they are always installed in places of great congestion, such as the entrance to shopping and business centers, restaurants, main squares, and public transport. This makes it possible to reach more people, as well as to find the right target audience

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