With the recent introduction of the concepts of cleanliness, hygiene and disinfection into our lives, we have come to realize that cleanliness in companies is also extremely important.

Before we begin our topic, let’s review some important terms together.

HYGIENE: It is defined as the applications made to purify the environment from all factors that may harm human health.

– TRANSMISSION: The contamination of the clean environment with dirt and/or microorganisms by any means.

– CLEANING: It is the disposal of contaminants found in the environment.

– DISINFECTION: This is the reduction of microorganisms to a level that will not be harmful to human health.

– MICROORGANISM: An invisible living organism.

– BACTERIA: Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that can reproduce in a variety of environments.

Cleaning comes to mind when we think of: cleaning goods, cleaning hands and bodies.

As we mentioned at the beginning, it became clear at the onset of the pandemic that cleanliness in the company is as important as personal cleanliness.

With this knowledge, the industry began to develop innovative products. One of them are disinfecting machines.

While conventional disinfectant machines provide you with just cleaning and hygiene, the No-touch Hand Sanitizer Machine offers your institution or business much more.

Let’s take a look at No-touch Hand Sanitizer Machine, an R&D innovation that was released under the assurance of Logic Chemie.

Here are the points that distinguish No-touch Hand Sanitizer machine from other classic disinfectant machines;

  • Contactless disinfection of your hands
  • It disinfects your belongings, such as wallet, phone, keys, etc.
  • Play your videos and photos that you consider important for your business on the built-in screen. Upload them to your device using an application specially designed by our team
  • You can have a machine in 2 basic variants – paid and free
  • You can also make sales by connecting a vending machine to the machine
  • It is innovative, current, contemporary and based on the latest technology device.
  • Provides comfort for you and your customers
  • During disinfection the device measures the temperature
  • You can personalize the device as you wish
  • Fully digital

In short: the whole world is engaged in a constant battle against COVID-19. With the understanding of the concept of cleanliness, the use of disinfectants has greatly increased. It is at this point that the No-touch Hand Sanitizer machine manufactured by Logic Chemie is getting involved in helping businesses, schools, public institutions.

Since the machine is operated by specially designed software, business owners can play/add the videos and pictures they want on the screen at any time. For example, restaurant owners can offer their menus to their customers.

The No-touch Hand Sanitizer machine will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

Our team also made an application that you can download. This application makes it possible to monitor the use of the machine from a distance (from your phone, laptop, tablet etc.) Any video/photo you want can be played on the screen of the machine at the time and date you chose!

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