A liquid-tight floor is a floor that has no seams or cracks through which liquids can leak. But liquid-tight means also a floor that does not absorb liquids. 

What are the advantages of a liquid-tight floor?

A liquid-tight floor is of added value in every industry. In addition to the fact that floors remain more hygienic and cleaner, a real plus is the ease of maintenance of these floors.

When you make your floors liquid-tight, your concrete will not rot. This keeps the floor dry on the inside, which is important for its durability. In addition, liquid-tight floors have the additional advantage that they insulate. It prevents the absorption of water that penetrates into the basement of the building, causing moisture problems. 

Why Logic DP for a liquid-tight floor?

There are areas where it is mandatory to install a liquid-tight floor. There are also areas where this obligation is not present, but where it is certainly desirable to opt for a liquid-tight floor. A liquid-tight floor with Logic DP guarantees optimal soil protection. Substances such as oil or chemicals can cause damage.

Also when liquids leak, unsightly spots can appear on the floor. The Logic DP coating makes it possible to realize a liquid-tight floor in a sustainable way.

In addition, the Logic DP coating has the quality to withstand high pressure and natural vibrations of the floor, which cause cracking as a result. The Logic DP coating is natural, but can also be produced in colour on RAL code as the product Logic DS. There is a 20-year warranty on the performance of the coating and a 10-year warranty on colour retention.

liquid-tight floor

Unlike hydrophobic impregnation, impregnation with Logic DP makes the floor water vapor diffusion-proof, gives it a higher mechanical resistance, and makes a repellent layer that also seals against hydrostatic pressure.

In addition, Logic DP is absolutely tight even when exposed to organic solvents, oil, cleaning agent, water, etc. The properties of the dried surface, which are related to the high mechanical resistance and excellent resistance to water, mineral oil, solvents, acids, lye salts, combustion gases, weather influences and erosion, give the treated raw material the good properties of plastic as an extra plus.

The mechanical resistance of the treated building material surfaces is much higher due to the bonding of mineral aggregates with plastic. The building material becomes waterproof and insensitive to harmful chemical influences from outside. Sanding along concrete or cement surfaces is prevented even with high point loads. The dynamic resistance of normal cement surfaces is increased up to twenty times by treatment with Logic DP.

The advantages of Logic DP as a liquid-tight floor

Furthermore, the following advantages apply as standard to the liquid-tight floors that we have in our range, such as:

• Liquid tight

• Seamless

• Can be loaded quickly

• Hygienic

• Chemically and mechanically loadable

• Safe and wear-resistant

• Affordable prices

• Many colour options

• Durable

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