You have probably noticed a leak in the roof of your house after a heavy rain or storm, and this has worried you a lot and you are looking for a solution to solve it.

First, you need to find the reason for the roof leak because this issue is very important. There are many internal and external factors that can cause roof leaks.

With our knowledge, we guarantee your roof for up to 20 years and restore your roof to its original state.

First, here are some key tips to prevent roof leaks that we will review together.

Prevent water leakage on roofs
Prevent water leakage on roofs

First, you need to find the source of the leak

You need to know what causes leakages so that you can prevent the roof from being damaged. Knowing the cause saves time and money. Because if you don’t find the source of the leak, you have to pay for repairs every year.

Check the roof to see if water enters the house through the roof or not. Other cases that can cause leaks are clogging of gutters, pollution through pests, problems related to plumbing, heating and cooling units.

You should also check the tiles, the dry walls and the ceiling to see if there is any (water damage).

Clean the place of leakage

Once you have figured out where the leak is, you can prepare that area for repair. Don’t forget to remove the furniture, carpet and other items that are present in the area of the leak because it can be effected due the water.

If it is difficult to move these items, you can use plastic covers to protect the items against water. When these items

When these items get wet, it takes time to dry them. Mold can develop until it dries completely.

If the leak is through the connections on the roof, you can deal with the leak more easily. Rainwater enters your house through cracks.

These areas usually include chimneys that you can repair with sealant. Always keep in mind that before repairing the place, you must make it completely dry and free of debris.

As we said, the best way to prevent roof leaks is to find the location of the leak. Some of the methods to prevent roof leaks will answer you in the short term. But after some time, problems with roof leaks will again appear. Therefore, you should think about solving the problem in the long term.

Roof repair (protecting your home)

We at Logic Chemie give you the best solution with a long-term warranty. The biobased Logic DS product is used as a coating against water, mineral oils, acids, salt, chemicals, weather conditions, hydrostatic pressure, etc.

One of the unique features of this insulation product is its manufacturing technology. Technology based on particles smaller than nano, which is called pico technology.

This technical combination causes the product to penetrate up to 10 mm on the damaged surface and create a protective layer in the pores. This coating can be produced in any color on RAL code.

If you have a roof leak problem, please contact us today!

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