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Where to use ?

 Mold in the kitchen
 Mold on the ground
 Mold in bathrooms
 Mold on the walls
 Mold in the basement
 Mold on the roof
 Molds between walls

Which problems require use?

 Bacteria in Structures
 Bacteria in Public Transportation

– Isopropanol – Benzalkonium chloride




MoldEx is an anti-mold spray. Unlike conventional anti-fungicides, MoldEx contains no toxins such as chlorine or hypochlorite, which means no bleaching effect. MoldEx anti-mold spray does not contain harmful substances. Fo this reason it can be easily applied to leather, textile, suede and other sensitive surfaces. MoldEx can also be poured into a steam engine for cleaning the carpets and curtains. MoldEx is environmentally friendly and bio-based, protecting your health and the environment.



Application Areas

Mold in houses

Mold on tiles

Disinfecting textile

Public transport disinfection

Mold between internal and external walls

Ventilation mold