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Where to use ?
 Cracks in tunnels
 Cracks in stadiums
 Cracks in Bridges

Where to use ?

 Water problems in buildings
 Water problems in historical buildings
 Construction water problems
 Infrastructure water problems
 Strengthening historical structures
 Infrastructure strengthening
Concrete repair problems
 Stone types repair problems

-Resin -Bisphenol A, B -Hydrolysis: ethanol




Logic UW Flex; is used for cracks in crowded places such as Metro, Stadium, Roads, Bridges, Squares, Airports. The main reason for its use in these places is to create a more flexible structure between the cracks. The flexibility increases the lifespan of the applied areas even if it is a crowded area. Due to the technical composition and flexibility of Logic-UW Flex, it is possible to cover even the smallest cracks. The product adheres well to wet surfaces where pressurized water is retained. Product walls, floors, ceilings, stairs and so on. In addition, Logic-Uw Flex is an excellent bond between the wall, foundation and other surfaces.




Application Areas

Cracks in tunnels

Ground cracks in car parks

Cracks in infrastructure

Cracks in stadiums

Cracks in bridges

Cracks in underpasses

Cracks in concrete