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Where to use?

Cracks in lower and upper structures
Cold joints
Grating edges
Pipe edges
Reinforcement in columns

Which problems require use?

Water problems in buildings
Water problems in historical buildings
Construction water problems
Infrastructure water problems
Strengthening historical structures
Infrastructure strengthening
Concrete repair problems
Stone types repair problems

 Resin • Bisphenol A Bisphenol B • Hydrolysis: ethanol




Logic UH is a strong bond for surface cracks and joint cracks. A Logic-UH barrier can also be formed in case of openings that cause any moisture problems between the wall and the foundation. Often pipes, gratings, window(s), dilatations and so on. It is also true that moisture problems arise due to the absence of sealing. Logic-UH also adheres to wet surfaces, so it can be easily used in such cases. The Logic-UH can also be used to cover openings in concrete and walls. Logic-UH can be used for concrete columns and foundations.




Application Areas

Crack in the parking lot

Crack on helicopter pads

Crack in barriers

Grating edges and dilatation

Boru Kenarlarında Çatlak

Crack in columns

Crack in cold joints

Cracks on the roof