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Where to use ?

 Bacteria in hospitals
 Bacteria in schools
 Bacteria in public transport
 Bacteria in homes
 Bacteria in restaurants
 Bacteria in social facilities
 Bacteria in the office environment

Which problems require use?

 Bacterial problems on the skin

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Product Information

Gentle hand and skin disinfectant

With 0% alcohol,

20% Aloe Vera

and 100% protection

We care about you. Be inspired by this innovation.

It is scientifically proven that disinfectants containing alcohol are harmful to health. How can we protect our loved ones from pandemics then?

Logic Sept+ is the innovation among disinfectants. With 0% alcohol and its special composition, it is even more effective than its competitors in the fight against bacteria and viruses.

Independent laboratory results show that our product is suitable for all skin types starting from 3 years old. Logic Sept+ is therefore the only disinfectant on the market that is equally suitable for use in kindergartens, schools and retirement homes.

Free yourself from the dangerous side effects of common disinfectants. Finally, use a sustainable and health-friendly disinfectant to protect your loved ones.

Tested according to

– DIN EN 14476,

– DIN EN 1500,

– DIN EN 1040

– Dermatologically “excellent “

– Suitable for all skin types

– Suitable from age 3 years

– 0% alcohol

– 0% other hazardous substances

– Acts on any surface for up to 3 hours

Logic Sept+ only provides you with advantages.

Protect yourself against any pathogen with Logic Sept+. This disinfectant kills 99.99% of bacteria, moulds, multi-resistant germs (MRSA), enveloped viruses (corona viruses), SARS, Herpes Simplex, the bird flu (HSN1), swine flu (H1N1), HBV, HIV, HCV and many more.

Fields of application:


What are the fields of application?

Logic Sept+ is specifically designed to combat enveloped viruses (coronavirus, SARS, etc.) and bacteria. Basically this product is used for skin and hands.

Logic Sept+ is safe for children and young people, but also for seniors. Therefore not only medical practices benefit from our product, but also kindergartens, schools, universities, libraries, retirement homes and any kind of associations love to use our disinfectant with 0% alcohol.



Use Logic Sept+ for

– your home

– your workplace

– Your day care centre/kindergarten

– Your schools/universities

– Your hotels/bars/restaurants

– and many more

Of course you can also use this product for surfaces and devices. For devices and surfaces, however, we have our very own products, such as Logic Germ and Mold Ex. Read more about this.

Instructions for use:

What do you need to know before you start using Logic Sept+?

Logic Sept+ consists of benzalkonium chloride and aloe vera. Combining these ingredients, Logic Sept+ protects your skin and hands for at least 3 hours.

Therefore, this disinfectant with 0% alcohol prevents immediate re-infection of hands or surfaces. No transition resistances have therefore been proven. In addition, no further side effects for the skin could be determined in the dermatological laboratory test. Application during pregnancy or lactation is also harmless.

If you nevertheless notice any allergic reactions, inform your doctor and pharmacist immediately.


How is Logic Sept+ applied?

1-2 ml Logic Sept+ is sufficient for skin and hand disinfection. You can rub your hands completely with it. Within a few seconds the disinfectant starts to work with 0% alcohol.

Unlike conventional disinfectants, Logic Sept+ works for several hours. You can safely reapply Logic Sept+ after each hand wash.



Application Areas

Hand cleaning for children

Hand cleaning for adults

Hand cleaning for doctors

Cleaning of surgical instruments