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Product Informatıon

Where to use ?

 Water leaks on roofs
 Building foundation insulation
 Water tank insulations
 Pool insulations
 Insulation of wet volumes
 Airport runway strengthening and protection
 Structure and infrastructure reinforcement
 Protecting chemical tanks
 Industrial floor protection

Which problems require use?

Water Problems in buildings
 Construction water problems
 Infrastructure water problems
 Concrete protection problems
 Stone types protection problems
 Iron protection
 Paint on iron
Paint on concrete
 Stone types paint

-Epoxy resin -Bisphenol base -Butanone
-Glycol -Xylene -Paint




Logic DS is suitable as a coating to protect from water, mineral oil, solvents, acids, salts, combustible gases, chemicals, weather conditions, erosion, hydrostatic pressure, etc. It is a durable and reinforcing coating. Logic-DS is resistant to more than 1400 fluid types. Due the technical composition, the product permeates up to ten millimeters in the pores of the surface, after which a Logic-DS layer forms on the surface. After treatment with the Logic-DS coating, the surface is easy to maintain with water and a brush. The coating can be produced in any color on RAL code



Application Areas

Swimming pool protection

Chemical tank protection

Bridge protection

Pipe protection

Barrier protection

Parking ground protection

Tile paint

Strip paint