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Where to use ?

 Water leaks on roofs
Building foundation insulation
 Water tank insulations
 Pool insulations
 Insulation of wet volumes
 Airport runway strengthening and protection
 Structure and infrastructure reinforcement

Which problems require use?

 Water problems in buildings
 Historical building water problems
 Infrastructure water problems
 Strengthening historical structure
 Infrastructure strengthening
 Concrete protection problems
 Stone types protection problems

-Epoxy resin -Bisphenol base -Butanone
-Glycol -Xylene




Logic DP penetrates the surface up to 150 mm. It is an epoxy resin coating substrate which is resistant to water , mineral oil, solvents, acids, salts, combustion gases, weather conditions, erosion, hydrostatic pressure, etc. A logic-DP layer nests in the surface. After treatment with the Logic DP coating, the surface is easy to maintain with water and a brush. The coating penetrates deep into the pores of the substrates and is invisible for the eye. For this reason, Logic-DP can also be applied on the inside of water tanks because it is not harmful for drinking water. After processing with Logic DP, the concrete is 20 times stronger and withstands hydrostatic pressure up to 1200 kg / cm2 without any damage.



Application Areas

Airport protection

Concrete floors – terrace protection

Port ground protection

Town square ground protection

Roof repairs

Water tank repairs and protection

Foundation insulation and reinforcement