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Where to use ?

 Rust on roofs
 Rust on the walls
 Corrosion in bridges
 Rusting of soils
 Corrosion in wooden products
 Corrosion in iron
 Corrosion in porcelain

Which problems require use?

Rust formation in concrete
Rust formation in stone types
 Rust formation in iron
 Rust formation in wood
 Rust formation in porcelain
 Rust formation in textile
 Rust formation in awning

– Phosphoric Acid




Logic Clean B is a self-acting cleaner for rust and oxidation layers. The product can be applied to many materials including porous surfaces such as wood and plastic.Logic Clean B is a cream which can be applied on hard to reach surfaces applying Logic Clean B, the surface should be covered with a cloth. After 24 hours of contact time, the surface is easily cleaned without manual work. Logic Clean B is environmentally friendly and bio-based, ensuring your health and the environment.



Application Areas

Rust on railings

Rust on ships

Rust on ladders

Rust on rails

Rust on walls

Rust on wood

Corrosion in tiles

Corrosion in textile products