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Where to use ?

 Paint on walls
 Paint on floors
 Paint on roofs
 Paint on bridges
 Paint on wood
 Paint on iron
 Paint on machines
 Graffiti paint

Which problems require use?

 Paint problems in concrete
 Paint problems in stone types
 Paint problems on iron
 Paint problems on wood
 Porcelain paint problems
 Paint problems on glass
 Paint problems in textile
 Tent paint problems

– Benzyl alcohol




Logic Clean BT is a self-acting cleaner for surfaces containing old paint and varnish layers, graffiti, glue residues, tar and soluble resin. Logic Clean BT is a neutral cream that can be easily applied to surfaces with a brush or sprayer. After application, the product should penetrate the surface for 30-45 minutes. The surface can then be rinsed with a high pressure machine. Logic Clean-BT is environmentally friendly and bio-based, protecting your health and the environment.



Application Areas

Removing paint from iron

Removing carpet adhesive

Removing graffiti and paint from bricks

Removing paint from wood

Removing paint from concrete

Cleaning paint from glass