What to know about the advertisement options of the no-touch hand sanitizer machine

No-touch Hand Sanitizer Machine is the last version of disinfection machine. The device not only allows you to disinfect your hands quickly and reliably, but also can be used as an effective advertising platform. Also a very important part of the innovative creation of Logic Develop is the application, with which you can control the […]

What are the differences of the hygiene machines of Logic Develop and other machines in the hygienic market?

With the recent introduction of the concepts of cleanliness, hygiene and disinfection into our lives, we have come to realize that cleanliness in companies is also extremely important. Before we begin our topic, let’s review some important terms together. • HYGIENE: It is defined as the applications made to purify the environment from all factors […]

Innovation in health products over the years

The International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines innovation as the implementation of a completely new or substantially improved product (good or service). The World Health Organization indicates that the purpose of health innovation is to develop and deliver new or improved health policies, systems, products, technologies, and services and delivery methods that […]

How can you disinfect your work and living space?

During these challenging times, it is important to keep your living space and your workspace clean and disinfected daily to remove germs, bacteria and viruses that may have settled on surfaces and objects. This is especially important if the space is shared with others. In many companies, office workers have shifted to remote work mode, […]

COVID-19 vs mental health

The coronavirus has globally infected nearly every country. Initial disbelief gave way to panic and fear of life-threatening and understandable fear of an unknown disease. In defense against a rapidly spreading infectious disease, authorities in most states imposed national “quarantines.” These procedures, in addition to their important benefits, had (and still have) some secondary effects: […]

What is different about the second COVID-19 wave and how can we best protect ourselves in a possible third wave?

In many countries, the first wave of the coronavirus ended at the beginning of summer with the onset of the heat. In early autumn, a second wave of the coronavirus appeared. Many countries were already in crisis. The global crisis also deepened. Countries that allowed themselves a total lockdown in March could not afford it […]

Hygiene measures the new standard?

Coronavirus cases are on the rise, but it is a steady increase. We have learned a lot since the beginning of March 2020, especially about hygiene. Experts confirm that the number of cases is partly dependent on the sanitation regime, including the maintenance of personal hygiene by washing and disinfecting hands. This means that if […]