Monthly Archives: December 2022

What does black mold smell like?

Black mold may smell like rotting vegetables or plants. Sometimes you notice the smell of mold, but you cannot see its growth. In this case, you should look for other reasons, for example, see which areas are exposed to water. Do you think there is mold in your home? In general, molds grow in areas […]

What are some good ways to sanitize your kitchen counters?

Did you know that the kitchen may be the dirtiest place in your home? You may be surprised, but it is true. You use this place every day to prepare food. There are certainly bacteria in any place where food is prepared. You might think that this is probably related to kitchens where the food […]

What are the top reasons to deep disinfect your bathroom?

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most important things you should do to protect your home. You have to face the fact that if your bathroom is not clean, you will face many health problems. To properly clean the corners of the bathroom, it is necessary to use products that make the cleaning process […]